Mission Statement

The Mission of the Alberta College of Optometrists is to ensure that the practice of optometry is regulated and conducted in the best interests of the public.


  • We will carry out our activities and govern our regulated members in a manner that protects and serves the public interest.
  • We will provide direction to and regulate the practice of optometry by our regulated members.
  • We will establish, maintain and enforce appropriate registration requirements, a Continuing Competence Program and Standards of Practice for the profession of optometry.
  • We will establish, maintain and enforce a Code of Ethics.
  • We will carry on the activities of the college and perform all other duties and functions in accordance with the Health Professions Act.


  • We value the privilege of self-regulation granted to us by the Government and people of Alberta.
  • We value honesty, fairness, reasonableness, transparency and effectiveness in our daily activities.
  • We value improved patient outcomes supported by collegial and professional communication with other health care providers, technological innovation, evidence-based research and implementation of new and improved models of patient care.
  • We value individual practitioner responsibility for always striving to do what is in the best interests of the patient and meeting generally accepted standards of care.
  • We value the personal and professional commitment required of competent, compassionate and caring practitioners to ensure they maintain their level of competence throughout their careers.
  • We value flexibility, transparency, honesty and reasonableness in discussions and joint endeavours with all external stakeholders.
  • We value feedback from patients, the provincial government, other regulatory colleges and any other interested stakeholder on our activities and performance.