Dr. Sherri Chisan

Dr. Sherri Chisan

Public Council Member


Sherri Chisan, ipkDoc, nehiyaw iskwew onicikiskwapiwinihk ohci, is serving as President at University nuhelot’įne thaiyots’į nistameyimâkanak Blue Quills (UnBQ). She also currently holds the role of Director of Research and is lead faculty in the Doctoral Program. She joined UnBQ in 1998 to coordinate the development and delivery of the Leadership & Management Program, and then the Indigenous Artists Program and Doctoral Program. Sherri has a particular interest in Indigenous Research, and her commitment to Indigenous Knowledge and ceremony informs her work.

In 2011, Sherri received a Doctoral Degree in iyiniw pimâtisiwin kiskeyihtamowin at UnBQ. She has an MA in Educational Leadership from San Diego State University, a Bachelor of Management from the University of Lethbridge; and a Certificate in Business Administration from Blue Quills First Nations College/Lakeland College.

She has also worked with the Saddle Lake Education Authority as Associate Education Director, and with the Assembly of First Nations as researcher & policy analyst/advisor and a community liaison in Education, Languages, & Literacy.

Boards: First Nations Adult and Higher Education Consortium; World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium Country Representative; World Indigenous Nations University Pro-Vice Chancellor; Alberta College of Optometrists Public Member.