Complaints of a General Nature

  • Examples of this type of complaint may include:  an incorrect or missed diagnosis, inappropriate billing, fraud, etc.
  • In these types of complaints, patients are required to submit a written, signed complaint to the ACO Complaints Director in order to start the formal complaint process.
  • Once the written, signed complaint is received at the ACO office, the ACO Complaints Director will verify that we have jurisdiction in the matter and will proceed as per the protocols outlined in the Health Professions Act. Some of the options available to the Complaints Director include:
    • To encourage the complainant and the optometrist to communicate with each other to resolve the complaint between themselves.
    • To refer the matter to an Alternative Complaint Resolution process for resolution (with the consent of the complainant and the optometrist).
    • To conduct an investigation into the matter.
    • To dismiss the complaint if the complaint is ruled trivial or vexatious.
    • To dismiss the complaint if there is no evidence or insufficient evidence of unprofessional conduct.

> Click here to download a Complaint Form.