Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics set forth the basic moral and ethical principles of the Profession of Optometry. It is a moral guide to which all optometrists are committed, and informs the public of the ethical principles by which professional behaviour is assessed.

It is the Ideal, the Resolve, and the Duty of the Members of the Alberta College of Optometrists:

  • To practice based on their expert clinical knowledge of the life sciences and always have as their primary concern the health and welfare of both patient and the public;
  • To render services with equal diligence to all patients;
  • To enhance continuously, throughout their professional life, their educational and technical proficiency for the benefit of their patients;
  • To endeavour to achieve appropriate outcomes in the interest of each patient’s needs;
  • To refer a patient when any procedure is beyond their competence or training and to freely consult with colleagues and members of other professions whenever such consultations are in the patient’s best interest;
  • To maintain, except where required or authorized by law, the confidence and privacy of all information concerning a patient and to use such data only for the benefit of the patient;
  • To be accountable to their patients and to their colleagues;
  • To conduct themselves as exemplary citizens and be truthful and forthright in all professional matters;
  • To educate their patients and the public with respect to eye care issues and the profession of optometry;
  • To maintain their practices in keeping with the professional Standards of Practice.